Serving Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast, including Niceville, Destin, Sandestin, South Walton, 30-A, Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove, Watersound, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach, and Panama City Beach.


This is really the type of session that checks all the boxes for me, both as a photographer and parent. Unless you are a veteran of this style, it will probably be unlike anything you have experienced before. On first consideration, the length of the session (3hours to all day) may seem imposing, but what it really makes for is the most natural and low-key way to capture your family. We get to move past the initial discomfort and weirdness of having your picture taken. (Yes, I know it feels weird.) Children, especially young ones, find the space to be themselves. No one has to pretend to be what they are not. That includes the parents.


There is a magical point in the session where I am no longer terribly interesting to the kids, and the parents have already played peekaboo or airplane or superheroes for as long as they can possibly manage. And then it is just……life.


This is where your family exists in time and space. These are the “moments” that photographers like myself ramble on and on about.


Recording them provides a touchstone that you and your children can always return to. Its seems like a small thing until you have seen your child take that journey back in time, and then the small becomes large. This is how I photograph my own family, and I often see them transported back to a time or a place or even an object, simply because I bothered to make sure it was not forgotten. It is a magic trick that never gets old, a real-life time machine.


Documentary family sessions can be anything that you would like them to be. They are completely freeform, can be any length of time and can be split up into multiple sessions throughout the year. All include one heirloom quality album per year, so that you have a true physical record to share between you as you grow and evolve.


This is your story. The only one you have. Let’s tell it together in the best way that we can.


Let’s tell it with authenticity and love.


I just so happen to live in one of the most incredible places in America. But just like anywhere, daily life can make me forget just how lucky I am. That is one reason I love beach sessions. Not only does it put me on the sand during the prettiest time of the day, but I also get to share that experience with people who are often seeing it for the first time. Fresh perspective is the best antidote to routine, and I love seeing my home through the eyes of my families.


While not a true documentary experience, I try to bring some of the same process and aesthetic to the beach. My sessions are relaxed and collaborative. They resemble a walk along the beach with stops to goof off more than anything. There will be a couple of posed group shots, but our focus will be real, natural interaction and enjoyment of the setting for the remainder of the session.


It is all very low stress. I love sessions with children, not least of all because they give the adults permission to be themselves in front of the camera. Kids allow the facade to fall away and that is what makes for the best images.


This way of doing things means that I expect very little in the way of cooperation out of the little ones. Since we spend most of the time active and playing, we can usually sneak in our two or three quick poses without them protesting too much.


And at the end….so much splashing! That’s the best part. Plan on kids going home wet, tired, sandy and ready for bed.


While it can be a challenging thing to do, my preference is to try to get away from the crowds a bit. This gives us more options on angles, and can really make for better pics. A short drive from your rental or a short walk might be all that separates us from an amazing photo. It is by no means a requirement, but if you are up for adventure....so am I!


My final session type is simply a combination of the other two.


Whether it is a once in a lifetime vacation or an annual tradition, there is just no better way to document your trip. It is the perfect option for a single family wanting a true record of their trip or for multiple or extended families staying in a large beach rental.


With large groups, it is impossible to run a one hour sunset session with candid interaction in mind. There are simply too many combinations of posed family shots to allow for the time needed. But with a longer vacation documentary session, the spirit of your family trip can be captured in the time leading up to your beach shoot. We can do this at your rental or out on the town, and then finish at the beach. It really is the best of both worlds. If you value the style of imagery on this site and have a large group here on vacay, this session is for you.


Separate galleries can be delivered to the individual families at no extra cost so that everyone can save their own favorites and have their own personalized after-shoot experience.


As with the documentary family shoot, vacation shoots are eminently customizable in both length and content. From 3 hours to multiple days, we can put together an experience that is perfect for you. From snowcones to fishing trips to underwater pool shots to surfing lessons to lazy beach days to just lounging around the rental, I have covered it all, allowing mom and dad to put away their camera phones and be fully present for their children.


I love this format, and I would love to discuss how it can work for your family vacation.



Congratulations on making it this far! As much as I would like it to be, trading photo sessions for tonkotsu ramen and fishing trips has not proven to be a sustainable business model. So I do my best to price myself mid-market while also offering an approach and aesthetic that is unique to this area. Sunset beach sessions run $600-1000 depending on time of year and package purchased. Documentary sessions are all inclusive, average $1500 and are often more economical for multiple families vacationing together than individual sunset sessions. Fill out the contact form below and let's chat about what works for your family.



Drop me a line. I will respond in your preferred manner as soon as I am able. Please note that weekend dates are reserved for documentary sessions. Weekdays are available for all session types.